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 Hello everyone.My name is Sergey.I'm twenty one years old.I came from Ukraine,Odessa five years ago.
   Right now I'm student of Kingsborouch Community College.After this college I want to go to LIU and I want to be a Nurse.


I was born and lived in Odessa. My city is famous because back in the day it was called Hero City. I am proud that I am from Odessa and that I was born on the shore of the Black sea.


My native city is Odessa. Odessa! The pleasant sound of this world brings a warm smile to one's lips and rays of sunshine to the soul.Who had not heard of "Mother" Odessa?Surrounded by the beauty of the sea and abounding with secret legends,Odessa is on everyone's lips. It seems as if the city has always stood on the shores of the Black Sea,evolving from it in ancient times,just like the ancient goddess Aphrodite.There is simultaneously so much truth and so much fantasy surrounding Odessa,that it is difficult to understand her real character and nature. Her hospitality is so boundless that everyone who comes here thinks she belong of them.And those who have lived here for centuries affirm in one voice-our Odessa,"Odessa-mommy"! Neither nationality not religious belief plays any role.There is only one proud name-an Odessavite!

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