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ESL 91                                                                                                Sergey Mayboga

Dr. Kasper


                                         "  Most Influential person in my life"


The most influential and most loving person in my life has been my mother. From the first day of my life, my mother has been with me. She has listened to my problems, cooked my meals, and guided me in my life when I have made mistakes. She has shaped me into the person I am today, teaching me all the things she had learned from her own parents. Her wisdom and experience did a great deal for me, and many things I have I attribute to her help. Time passes as it always has, but my thoughts always turn back to my childhood and the lessons I learned there from my mother.

Raising me must have been a big problem for my mother. I was a very energetic child, running around and causing trouble. I ran around my neighborhood with a group of kids causing all sorts of problems. Chasing younger kids, flipping over carts and baby carriages. I was a regular menace, a biter with an attitude. I thought I could be an astronaut, and nearly fell of my balcony. But she took a firm stance and punished me for doing things the way I was. Over time, I became a lot calmer, and a much better person. I have no one to thank for that except her.

My mother always emphasized education in my life. She believed it was one of the essential steps on a path towards a happy living. She always forced me to try my hardest in school, and avoid the mistakes that she had made in her own time. She believed that I could make a better life for myself than the one she had, and I certainly tried my hardest to achieve her and my dream, a dream for a better life. She helped me in school as much as she could, but eventually I had to push myself further and further without her help. Nonetheless, I still think back on her lessons and know that without her guidance I would have a much harder road ahead of me.

My mother also taught me a great deal about love and all things related to it. Although she was not personally involved in all aspects of my life, she would always find a way to step in as I was about to cross a dangerous line or be led astray. For example, in the tenth grade I thought I was in love with my art teacher. There was a big age difference, but she was relatively young. My mother stepped in and told me that such a thing was not right, and could not last. She stressed the point very far, and I knew it would be the right thing to do to listen to her. After all, kids think they are in love so easily, and I definitely did at the time. I look back on this and laugh, but also realize that I learned yet another very important thing that day, that my mother helped me to grow up and become an adult. Were I to try such a thing myself it would have taken me a lot longer.

At one time in my life I thought that I could never finish school. I had been getting low grades and I did not want to continue. At first, my mother was very mad at me and chastised my very strictly. Still I did not want to try. She told me of a story of a friend of hers, who like me had been having a rough time in her life. Her friend left school and now lived in poverty alone. She had never been able to get a great job that she enjoyed and instead left it too. I learned a great deal from that story, that quitting is a pattern that all should avoid, and once you have set to accomplish something you should never give up on your goal, no matter how hard and dangerous the way there is.

Life now is a lot different from when I was young. Even though now we live apart, she in the Ukraine, and I here, I still like to believe that we are very close. The distance between us does not matter, and our bond is as strong as ever.


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